Michael Bettersworth



Michael Bettersworth is the Chief Marketing Officer at Texas State Technical College, CEO of the Center for Employability Outcomes, and the Founder of SkillsEngine. For the last 20 years, Bettersworth’s career has focused on the intersection of education and the workforce. He created the Center for Employability Outcomes (C4EO) to model the underlying dynamics of skills and develop innovative strategies to ensure a highly competitive supply of talent. Michael was instrumental in the design and implementation of the nation’s first higher education funding model based entirely on student earnings outcomes. He has published more than 25 studies on emerging occupations and technologies, holds a patent in the application of machine learning in text-to-skill translation, and is an advisor and frequent speaker on workforce and education policy topics. Bettersworth founded SkillsEngine to build and scale solutions that align education with industry needs so that students are more employable.