Meriah Heredia-Griego

CEO & Founding Partner


Dr. Heredia-Griego has over 20 years of experience working with youth, families, leaders, and policymakers to address some of the biggest challenges facing children and families through applied policy research, evaluation, and learning. Her work has been critical to shaping policy and funding strategies in the areas of health, education and employment equity. Prior to co-founding Levado in 2021, Meriah was an independent consultant, conducting racial equity focused impact research and managing large-scale impact projects with foundations, government agencies and nonprofits. Dr. Heredia-Griego earned a PhD in Higher Education Administration from Colorado State University and served as Director and Research Assistant Professor at the University of New Mexico Cradle to Career Policy Institute (CCPI). Her center partnered with key organizations and stakeholders to conduct interdisciplinary, mixed-methods, applied research in the areas of policy, strategy design, and program evaluation, including robust needs assessments and landscape mapping. She is passionate about listening to and learning from diverse communities, which enables her to move across sectors, build relationships, amplify counter-narratives, and make strategic connections as an expert consultant for education institutions, government agencies, foundations, and corporations.