Meacie Fairfax

Strategy Director

Complete College America

Meacie, a self-professed humanist, is named after her grandmother, a former sharecropper born in North Carolina. In her current role, she turns her unrelenting spirit towards transforming our higher education institutions. She enjoys illuminating stories through data and sharing evidence-based strategies to move toward actualizing equity and justice in our education system and our larger society. Before her work at Complete College America, Meacie worked at EAB, most recently as the Associate Director of Student Success, charged with embedding equity practices into campus technology solutions. She led the work on disaggregating early alert (EA) data to investigate who, how, and why some students are disproportionately flagged beyond superficial and often unhelpful metrics such as faculty participation.

Meacie has worked to reduce disparities across her career, including in her previous roles at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute,  P.S. Arts, and College Success Foundation. A TRiO and McNair Scholar Alum, she holds a Bachelor of Arts from her third undergraduate college, Michigan State University, and a Master of Arts from Emerson College. She looks forward to adding a terminal degree soon. She lives in DC with her partner.