Matt Stewart



Matt is a senior executive with a proven track record of success in starting, growing, and leading consulting firms over his 24-year career. Matt’s unique ability to see what others do not yet see; predict trends before they become trends; identify, recruit, and retain the best consultants and team members; and build a culture in which top performers desire to stay long-term makes RiseNow stand out as a premier supply chain advisor and integrator. Under Matt’s leadership, RiseNow has experienced substantial growth and has become the top partner of many of the top spend management solutions in this space. During this span, RiseNow has helped more than 400 global to mid-size organizations transform their supply chain into a valuable business asset. He attributes this to an unwavering faith and pursuit to be transparent, honest, and accountable with clients, partners, employees, and vendors. Some of Matt’s clients include PPG, Dell, Kaiser Permanente, BCBS, Cal State, to name a few.