Matt Giovanniello

Co-Founder & CEO


Matt Giovanniello is the CEO and co-founder of Frenalytics, an award-winning personalized learning and IEP data collection platform for staff & students in special education and English Language Learner environments. Inspired by Matt's grandmother who suffered a severe stroke, FrenalyticsEDU enables schools to streamline progress monitoring and deliver engaging, individualized, and age-appropriate assessments & lessons to students of all abilities. Matt and his team proudly participated in Digital Promise's VITAL Prize Challenge, where they were named a winning team for their innovative research and product advancements that support underserved learners. In addition to non-dilutive seed funding from NSF and its philanthropic partners, Frenalytics is backed by Forum Ventures, Shor VC, and innovative healthcare and education leaders across the country. Outside of Frenalytics, Matt offers pro-bono advising to underrepresented founders in HealthTech & EdTech and mentors student-founded startups at his alma mater, Boston College.