Marlowe Johnson

Founder & CEO


Marlowe Johnson is the Founder and CEO of EdAgree, a 2020 spin-off from the Educational Testing Service.  At ETS, Marlowe led a product innovation team for a couple of years, focused predominantly on English assessment and predictive success modeling for undergraduates.  Prior to that he spent most of about ten years at Pearson and some at 2U, working in product development, adaptive testing, content management and learning architecture.  

All those years in corporate cubicles were educational but also something of a diversion from Marlowe’s core loves of teaching and international exchange.  His first professional experiences were in Cameroon and Tanzania, building schools and curricula.  That shifted to further teaching and then business development in China and Korea.  Here began the work with admissions teams at universities to help international students land study abroad opportunities and a persisting belief that cross-cultural exchange is the best way to grapple with global crises like climate change and neo-nationalism.

EdAgree circles back to those roots.  The entire EdAgree family is laser focused on expanding access to quality education for international students—and advocating for those students.  EdAgree seeks to engage with students across their entire high school and higher ed journeys, and the EdAgree platform delivers effective and cost-free tools for students to put their best-feet-forward—and to validate those best feet!

Marlowe counts himself beyond lucky work with his ETS and EdAgree colleagues and to live with his lovely wife, Soo Hyun, and their two daughters.