Marlene Tromp


Boise State University

Dr. Marlene Tromp is the 7th president of Boise State University. Since joining Boise State inJuly 2019, she has overseen and supported record-breaking growth in student graduation (withover 5000 graduates last spring), in research (bringing in tens of millions of new dollars to theuniversity), and in fundraising (tens of millions of new dollars to supports our students, faculty,staff and the facilities in which they work). She has championed initiatives and scholarships forrural and first-generation Idaho students and founded the True Blue Endowed Scholarship forIdaho students, advanced a major cybersecurity initiative, created new partnerships withindustry and nonprofit organizations, and much more.Before joining Boise State in July 2019, Dr. Tromp served in key leadership positions atuniversities in the west that have been globally recognized for both their academic quality andinnovation.She grew up in Green River, Wyoming and is a first-generation college graduate, who workedwhile going to school and whose father, a miner and mechanic, worked many hours of overtimeto help her pay for college. She is a scholar of the long nineteenth-century, focusing on the wayit aids us in understanding other historical moments and issues like domestic violence, seances,economics, freak shows, and the Titanic disaster.Dr. Tromp is committed to supporting students and faculty, serving and advancing the state ofIdaho, and helping the university foster trail

Monday, April 17, 2023

2:50 pm
3:30 pm

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