Mark Naufel

CEO & Founder

Primer Global, Inc

Dr. Mark Naufel is an innovator, a Professor of Practice, and a tech entrepreneur. During graduate school, Naufel was appointed by the Governor of Arizona to serve on the Arizona Board of Regents. Mark is the Founder of Luminosity, Arizona State University’s ‘Skunkworks’ innovation lab, which engages over 100 interdisciplinary students annually. Naufel’s teams have won two prestigious global innovation challenges, including the XPRIZE in 2020. Naufel has served as the Principal Investigator on R&D efforts for many of the world’s most successful companies, including Adidas, Zoom Technologies, and Starbucks. Through his consulting firm, Naufel has provided support to over 15 startup companies in various domains. Mark is now the Founder & CEO of Primer, an adaptive AI Companion that facilitates lifelong learning tailored to each individual.