Mariella Satow


SignUp Media

Mariella Satow, teenage entrepreneur, is the Founder of SignUp Media. SignUp is a tool that overlays sign language interpretation on movies and TV shows on Disney+ and Netflix. Created in collaboration with the Deaf community, SignUp is used as an educational tool in classrooms, with students discovering new vocabulary, sharpening receptive skills, and providing an opportunity for exposure to various language models. As well as fostering inclusion in classrooms, SignUp is used as a tool in interpreter teaching programs and is being licensed by other streamers to provide equal access. SignUp gives media accessibility to entertainment for a community poorly served by big media. 432 million people (5%) worldwide are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. SignUp was originally launched in the US and is now available in the UK, India, and Canada. Originally funded with money made from dog walking, Mariella raised a $1M seed round and is a current undergraduate at Stanford.