Margery Mayer

Board Member and Advisor

Audacity Education

I’ve been called a pioneer and leading innovator in educational technology. What is certainly true is that I am passionate about the revolutionary power of educational technology to drive real and meaningful change. I was President of Education at Scholastic where I drove the acquisition and development of Read 180, a breakthrough reading intervention program, along with a family of other successful edtech products. In my role at Scholastic and at other education companies, I have pretty much done it all: product development, sales management, marketing, government relations, financial management, strategic direction, acquisitions and more. Today I serve on the boards of two leading education businesses, MetaMetrics owned by Apax, and Cambium Education owned by Veritas. I also enjoy consulting and mentoring upcoming stars in edtech. On the non-profit side, I am a trustee of Public Prep, a life-changing network of charter schools in New York City, and an advisor for the Language Schools and the Breadloaf School of English at Middlebury College. In addition to my board work, I am researching a book on self-inflicted falls from grace.