Manan Khurma

Founder & CEO


Manan Khurma is a child of university professors and has himself been a math educator since his college days. In 2007, he graduated from IIT Delhi and founded a test-prep startup, where he taught advanced mathematics to more than ten thousand students over the course of several years.Manan believes that math is not just a subject but a life-skill and a language, and math fluency is every child’s fundamental right in a post-AI world. With this context, he started Cuemath in 2013 with the objective of redefining how K-12 students learn math. Today, Cuemath is one of the world’s leading math tutoring platforms where thousands of educators run 1:1 live online tutoring sessions for tens of thousands of children across the globe every day.Manan’s mission in life is to help the world’s children become deeper thinkers and problem-solvers.