Makaziwe (Maki) Mandela


House of Mandela Family Foundation

Born in South Africa, DR. MAKAZIWE (MAKI) MANDELA is the eldest daughter of Evelyn Mase and Nelson Mandela. In 1984, she received a Fulbright Foreign Scholarship and a Fulbright Distinguished Fellowship Award to study at the University of Massachusetts in the US for a Masters in Sociology and a Doctorate in Anthropology.She has had a full and chequered career that has involved working in several other countries, and holds directorships in Nestlé SA among others. She has presented numerous papers over the years, including the role of women in a changing South Africa. She has been intricately involved in developing a substantial investment portfolio within Nozala, a womens investment group, and using these funds in the economic upliftment and empowerment of women in South Africa. Dr. Mandela is currently Chairman of the House of Mandela.