Luke Owings

VP of Product


In 2020, I left a my McKinsey job and decided to lean into my mosaic career, pulling together a disparate set of experiences to create a fulfilling and impactful picture of work. In doing that, I went full-time with a long-term collaborator of mine, Abilitie. At this point, I oversee our Product function and have an incredible team that helps me innovate every day. While I'm in full-time work, I'm always open connect around the topics of building the future of work. Many of those conversations fall into one of three buckets:1. Creating and Executing Exceptional Leadership Development - If I had a hook to hang my hat on, it would be Facilitation of all types (executive and frontline, in-person and virtual). As part of that, I lead a variety of programs for professional learners across all industries, and have a deep expertise in designing and developing their learning journeys. 2. Founding and Scaling EdTech Companies - As a jack of all trades who has led a variety of functions (Operations, People, Marketing) for scaling education companies, I thrive in the MVP-driven stage of finding product-market fit. My deepest expertise is building and maintaining a network of independent contractors but I pitch in everywhere.3. Consulting on Organizational Cultural Change - Building off my experience in Leadership Development, I've had the opportunity to help shepherd a variety of cultural transformations with clients both big and small. Because of that,