Lora Kaiser

Interim Executive Director

The Center for Education Market Dynamics

Lora is the Chief Product Officer at the Center for Education Market Dynamics (CEMD), an emerging nonprofit focused on the dissemination of research, information, and data across the K-12 ecosystem. She is responsible for crafting the strategic view of how K-12 market research and data can be translated to inform faster, more impactful decision making by state and district leaders. This work allows her to leverage her vast product and market knowledge, acquired through work in mathematics and literacy teams across her career. Lora’s experiences outside the classroom have spanned PreK-12 in sales, professional development, and product development roles. Previously, Lora led the K-12 Mathematics portfolio at McGraw Hill, setting the product vision for the development of high quality materials and leading strategic partnerships. Lora’s early experiences teaching middle school solidified a passion for the education industry that today fuels her work. She’s motivated to support more equitable access to the high quality materials and services that will drive improved student outcomes.