Liz Markus

Director, Re-Ignite Program

Johnson & Johnson

Liz Markus is the Director of the global Re-Ignite return-to-work program at Johnson & Johnson. In this role, Liz works to help individuals return to their professional passions after a career pause and reinforces the Company’s belief that pausing a career to pursue a different, but important path shouldn’t stand in the way of an individual’s next breakthrough—it should enhance it. In her 13 years with Johnson & Johnson, Liz has also driven results in a variety of supply chain roles in procurement, planning, new product innovation and enterprise strategy. Liz is a Credo-based leader who has grown and developed talent through the creation of a variety of leadership development programs as well as her many years of recruiting for both collegiate undergrad and graduate programs.

Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson, Liz worked at a health insurance start up, HealthMarket, Inc., where she learned the true meaning of agility, flexibility and having a growth mindset. Liz is also currently an adjunct professor of supply chain at The College of New Jersey where she enjoys opening up her student’s eyes to how supply chain impacts their day-to-day lives. Liz lives in Bucks County PA with her husband, 10-year-old daughter, Stella, 8-year-old son, Jack, and two boisterous and lovable black labs, Viola and Scout. Happiness to Liz is having adventures with her family and seeing the world through the eyes of her inquisitive and courageous children. Liz even delivered a TEDxJNJ talk to 2,000 colleagues about how being more childlike at work can be a good thing!

Liz received her undergraduate degree from James Madison University and MBA from Vanderbilt University.