Lex Bayer



Lex Bayer is a Silicon Valley technology entrepreneur and CEO of Quizlet. Previously he was the CEO of Starship Technologies, an on-demand delivery company that has completed over 3 millions deliveries with self-driving robots. At Airbnb he led the Business Development, Payments and Airbnb for work teams, and was the CEO of Airbnb Payments Inc. Lex co-founded and was the CEO of Spare Change Payments, a digital wallet company, which was subsequently acquired by PlaySpan and then Visa Inc. He received his BS and MS degrees in engineering at Stanford University and holds over 20 patents.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

10:00 am
10:40 am

Star Track…the Next Generation: Leading CEOs Take Us Where No Person Has Gone Before


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Promenade A/B, Level 3