Lev Gonick

Lev Gonick

Chief Information Officer

Arizona State University

Lev Gonick is an educator, technologist, and inclusive smart cities architect. He has been teaching, working, and living on the Net for more than 25 years.

Lev Gonick is Chief Information Officer at Arizona State University. The University Technology Office at ASU leads the design and agile management of all enterprise infrastructure, applications, products, services and analytics. Lev also chairs the Sun Corridor Network, Arizona's Research and Education Network. He serves on the Board of the Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center.

Before joining ASU in 2017, Lev Gonick was co-founder and CEO of DigitalC, the award-winning non-profit organization enabling and celebrating innovation, collaboration, and productivity through next-generation broadband networks, big open data solutions, and IoT for public benefit

Lev was CIO at Case Western Reserve University from 2001-2013. He and his colleagues were internationally recognized for technology innovations in community engagement, learning spaces, and next-generation network projects. Lev's innovations, including the Case Connection Zone catalyzed national projects, including US Ignite and Gig.U.