Letty Rising

Montessori Innovator, Consultant, Trainer

Letty Rising LLC

Letty Rising is an accomplished Montessori innovator and thought leader who is dedicated to bringing new and creative ideas to Montessori spaces. Letty delivers expert consulting, speaking, and writing services to a diverse range of educators and entrepreneurs on a national and international scale. In addition, she plays a pivotal role in the execution of a revolutionary elementary teacher training program through The Prepared Montessorian Institute, a subsidiary of Higher Ground Education. Letty is a key player in the strategic development and implementation of cutting-edge Montessori programs and initiatives. She is the Education and Curriculum Advisor for Montessori Laboratory, a rising start-up that brings science to curious young minds. She is the Lead Content Creator for Trillium Montessori, a virtual Montessori professional development platform. Letty also serves as an ongoing consultant for home-based and brick-and-mortar Montessori programs at Springs Charter Schools, one of the largest charter schools in the US. With her extensive experience and expertise, Letty is dedicated to helping educators and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and reach their full potential.With an AMI diploma for ages 6-12 and an M.Ed. from Loyola University, Letty's extensive experience as a Montessori educator and school leader in public, private, and charter schools, has given her a unique perspective and unparalleled understanding of the Montessori approach.