Leo Zhang


Hi, this is Yang, I am Co-founder in Answer.AI, we would like to provide the best AI tutor for everyone. I have had the privilege of working at different companies like ByteDance and Xiaomi before co-founding Answer.AI. During my time at ByteDance, I held a significant role as a Product Manager, where I was responsible for managing multiple CSR products, including the ByteDance Charity Platform, Douyin Nature, and Accessible Cinema. One of my notable achievements was building and overseeing the ByteDance Charity Platform, which successfully generated over 200 million donations, establishing itself as one of China's leading charitable donation platforms. Prior to that, I made valuable contributions to the growth of the Helo app in India while working at ByteDance. Through strategic product development and management, we were able to achieve an impressive milestone of 50 million daily active users. Before joining ByteDance, I had the opportunity to work at Xiaomi, where I managed international versions of various products within Xiaomi's MIUI International Department. This experience allowed me to gain expertise in product localization and cater to the unique needs of international markets.