Lawrence Kosick

President and Co-founder


Lawrence was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada where as a child, Lawrence’s father founded a non-profit assisted living facility for older adults. Lawrence grew up spending nights and weekends visiting the facility and was amazed by the wisdom of the residents who had so much more to give. Before co-founding GetSetup, Lawrence oversaw Business Development and Partnerships for IFTTT, an IoT Connectivity Platform. He also led Sight Machine’s Asian Pacific business operations and was the VP of Global Partnerships at Yahoo in its early years. In 2019 Lawrence co-founded GetSetUp to give older adults a platform to learn, connect and socialize with other older adults. Lawrence is an avid cyclist and trail runner, so it is no surprise that the two co-founders met in the Himalayas and continue to trade ideas that enhance the lives of older adults while running in the mountains.