LaNice Powell

Associate Software Engineer


LaNice Powell is from Brooklyn, New York, where she works remotely as an Associate Software Engineer at Newsela.  This is her first position as a JavaScript/ React developer since embarking on her journey into tech which began June 2019.  Prior to becoming a Software Engineer she worked in various roles in NYC Department of Education primarily as a Junior High School Mathematics teacher since 2014. Once embarking on her journey into Tech she was a Squad leader and Career Coach at Career Karma. Contributing to the community by inspiring and helping aspiring engineers with their journey into tech by sharing her experiences with them.  In July 2019 she enrolled in Flatiron’s Part time Full Stack Software engineering program, where she learned Ruby on Rails, as well as JavaScript React.  She completed her program in January 2021.  In her spare time she loves spending time with her family and friends.  Playing the piano with her daughter, video games with her son, and binging fantasy series.