Lacey Robinson

President & CEO


Lacey Robinson is the president and CEO of UnboundEd, and the chair of the Board of CORE Learning. As CEO, Robinson sets the organization’s vision for transforming instruction for students at the margins. She is a former teacher, principal, and professional development specialist who has focused on literacy, equity, and school leadership for more than 25 years. Her life’s work aims to enable educators to disrupt systemic inequities in their school districts and classrooms. As CEO of UnboundEd, Robinson is responsible for overseeing UnboundEd’s health, sustainability, and vision for how engaging, affirming and meaningful grade-level teaching can transform teachers’ experiences and student learning. In 2022, she also led the merger of UnboundEd, Pivot Learning, and CORE Learning under the UnboundEd banner — creating the nation’s largest K–12 educator development organization focused on improving teaching and learning for underserved students. Robinson is a leading national voice on disrupting the predictability of students’ educational outcomes, and was named to 2023’s Forbes 50 Over 50 list in recognition of her innovative leadership. Her new book, Justice Seekers: Pursuing Equity in the Details of Teaching and Learning, released in July 2023, is a love letter to teachers inspiring us all to recognize that “justice is found in the details of teaching and learning®.” She frequently serves as a keynote speaker and is featured on Emily Hanford’s 2022 “Sold a Story” podcast.