Kinsey Rawe

Senior Vice President & General Manager, Courseware & Instructional Services

Imagine Learning

Kinsey Rawe is Senior Vice President & General Manager of Courseware & School Services at Imagine Learning, where his innovative use of AI reshapes educational outcomes. With over 20 years in K–12 education, Kinsey has focused on elevating the role of teachers in the evolving landscape of educational technology, working to enhance their everyday experience with innovative solutions. Under Kinsey's leadership, Imagine Learning developed strategies to address and utilize AI within their digital-first courseware platform, EdgeEX, as well as within the School Services group. His approach involves using AI to tailor courses to educators’ and students’ unique needs, aligning with the highest standards in pedagogy while utilizing data analytics to refine teaching methodologies. Additionally, he oversaw the integration of an AI plagiarism checker and AI-supported tutoring tools. Further, his work with AI to facilitate lesson plan development for teachers delivering synchronous instruction fast-tracked the rollout of Imagine Learning’s Intelli-Sync offering. His approach ensures teachers are prepared to navigate and thrive in today's diverse and dynamic classroom environments. Kinsey's vision for AI in education is rooted in the belief that technology should amplify, not replace, the human aspect of teaching, ensuring a more personalized and effective learning journey for all students.