Kayon Pryce

Founding Principal

Brooklyn STEAM Center at the Navy Yard

Kayon Pryce is a former special needs student, who at a very early age was labeled non-college bound, and tracked into a vocational high school setting. That experience led to him realizing the importance and relevance of academics in the development of real-world skills and “hands-on” learning. After graduating high school, Kayon joined a NYC teaching apprenticeship program and has spent his entire adult life committed to the service of public school students through Career and Technical Education (CTE) / Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) programming.

He currently serves as the Founding Principal of the Brooklyn STEAM Center at the Navy Yard, a public high school program that is co-located within a 400+ business industrial park. Kayon has earned a bachelor's degree in Career and Technical Education with a specialization in Computer Science, master's degrees in Public Administration and Educational Leadership, and is pursuing a doctoral degree in Educational Technology and Leadership.

He is a father of two children Kylie and Kaydon, and is married to his high
school sweetheart Shellon; who worked diligently to help Kayon graduate high school. During his free time, he enjoys riding his Harley, Hiking, and a long walk on the beach.