Jon Woodard

Director, Emerging Technology Strategy & Ventures

Wolfram Research, Inc.

Jon Woodard has a background in computational neuroscience. His journey in the technology industry began at Wolfram|Alpha, where he played a pivotal role in its commercialization.Jon's knack for blending strategic insight with technical innovation earned him the nickname "business engineer," a moniker he proudly embraces despite not being much of an engineer by training. His career trajectory is marked by his entrepreneurial spirit, having founded several subsidiaries at Wolfram Research.Jon's latest venture involves the development of an AI Tutor, a cutting-edge project that leverages Wolfram Research's pioneering work in symbolic computation. This initiative underscores his commitment to enhancing educational technologies through AI and computational methods. As someone deeply invested in the intersection of strategy and technical innovation, Jon is eager to participate in the ASUGSV Summit. He looks forward to engaging with educators and educational technologists, sharing insights, and exploring new frontiers in the field of educational technology.