John Vandenbrooks

Professor and Associate Dean of Immersive Learning

Arizona State University

John VandenBrooks is a Professor and Associate Dean of Immersive Learning at Arizona State University. He earned his BS in chemistry at the University of Michigan, his PhD in geology and geophysics at Yale University, and was a postdoc in physiology at Arizona State University. Previously, VandenBrooks was an Associate Professor of Physiology at Midwestern University (2014-2022). While there, he served as the Associate Director of Veterinary Physiology in the College of Veterinary Medicine. In this role, he was a founding faculty member of the College of Veterinary Medicine and led the development, alignment, and mapping of the basic science curriculum culminating in the successful accreditation of the college. His research has been covered by a variety of media programs including on the National Geographic Channel, the History Channel, the BBC, and the Science Channel. In this current role, he leads the Dreamscape Learn and Neo Bio initiatives. Dreamscape Learn is a partnership between ASU and Dreamscape Immersive that combines Hollywood storytelling and innovative technology to enable students to conduct collaborative research in a virtual world. Neo Bio is a fully aligned adaptive biology curriculum that combines innovative skills-based pedagogy with the narrative-driven Dreamscape Learn VR experiences to increase student outcomes.