Jessica Lindl

VP Education and Social Impact

Unity Technologies

Jessica Lindl is the global head of social impact and edu at Unity Technologies; running both an internal business unit with a P&L and a Corp Donor Advised fund. Jessica’s responsible for Unity’s ESG strategy, social impact strategy, policy strategy, edu strategy, and overall rev from the social impact business units. As an accomplished CEO and GM, Jessica has raised both venture capital and philanthropic funds to launch new business ventures. Over her career, she has focused on empowering millions of learners each yr. by building careers and businesses with Tech. Jessica has spent over 15 yrs. overseeing co's and teams that design, dev., market, and distribute high-impact learning offerings to the global edu market. In her work at Unity, Common Sense Media, GlassLab & LRNG, Scientific Learning, and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, she has worked to improve learning outcomes and earning potential for all learners worldwide by blending effectiveness with ground-breaking engagement.