Jessica Ewing



Jessica Ewing is the Founder & CEO of Literati, a education technology company reaching over 1.5 million kids annually through school book fairs, e-commerce and subscription services. Literati’s mission is to “ignite a love of learning and a love of life” and accomplishes that by leveraging human and machine intelligence to help kids, parents and educators find the perfect books for the school library, classroom and home. Literati’s platform has successfully raised $12M for schools to date, and has delivered 15 million new books in the hands of kids. Jess is a graduate of Stanford University, where she studied computer science and mathematics, and was a nationally ranked collegiate debater. She later joined Google, where she worked for five years developing consumer products in personalization and was featured in Fast Company as one of “Google's 12 Most Innovative Minds.” She is the co-owner of five different patents in consumer technology design. Jess lives in Austin, TX with her husband Tom and golden retriever Campbell, named after the writer and mythologist Joseph Campbell.