Jerome Pesenti


Sizzle AI

Sizzle AI is led by Jerome Pesenti - who has been involved with artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and search for the past 25 years. Jerome most recently led the AI team at Meta -- pursuing fundamental and applied research in AI and making Meta products safer and more valuable to people through the use of AI. MetaAI's main contributions during his time there were PyTorch, AI for content moderation, very large models for ads and recommendations, and FAIR's research breakthroughs.Before Meta, Jerome was co-CEO of BenevolentAI, which develops novel AI technologies that will change how drugs are discovered. Before that, he led the global team of researchers and software engineers within IBM Watson doing research and developing state-of-the-art software in question and answering, dialog, speech, natural language processing, and automated machine translation. Jerome joined IBM through its acquisition of Vivisimo, the search and text analytics company he co-founded in 2000. Vivisimo grew organically to 130 employees and had many large corporate and government customers such as P&G, Airbus, J&J, DIA, SSA, and the US Air Force. Vivisimo's technology was based on the machine learning research Jerome conducted with his co-founders in the CS department of CMU from 1998 to 2000.On the policy side, Jerome has served as co-chair of an independent review on the growth of AI commissioned by the UK government.