Jeffrey Docking


Adrian College

Dr. Jeffrey R. Docking, 17th President of Adrian College, has transformed the College from less than 900 students to over 1,800 today, tripled the endowment to over $75 million, and raised the academic profile in nearly every benchmark category.This renaissance of Adrian College is the result of a unique business model that President Docking implemented and then wrote about in his popular book, “Crisis in Higher Education: A Plan to Save Small Liberal Arts Colleges in America.” President Docking’s most recent book, “The College of the Future: Lowering Costs for Students by Fixing the Business Model of Higher Education,” lays out a bold plan to fix the broken business model that currently plagues nearly every institution in America, and renders college unaffordable for many students, unless it is fixed.Docking is a veteran speaker, consultant, and leader in higher education circles, having served as Chair of the Division III President’s Council of the NCAA, the NCAA Board of Governors, and a member of the five-person NCAA Executive Committee. He chaired the American Council on Education Fellows Board, the Michigan Colleges Alliance, the Michigan Independent Colleges and Universities, and the Tax Committee of the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities. He testified to the Education and Workforce Committee for the United States Congress and various committees of the Michigan Legislature.Docking holds a Ph.D. in Ethics from Boston University