Jeanne Kitchens

Jeanne Kitchens

Chief Technology Services Officer

Credential Engine

Jeanne Kitchens serves as the Chief Technology Services Officer, overseeing all technological programs, policies, and advancements across all facets of Credential Engine’s work. Credential Engine’s technologies include the only linked open data schemas that provide a proven, common language for describing credentials and competencies (the Credential Transparency Description Languages, or CTDL), tools and an open API for publishing information as Linked Open Data, and a national Credential Registry for making the data available and transparent. The Credential Registry is the largest repository of the diverse range of credential and competency types and providers, and continues to grow. Currently these technologies are used by hundreds of education and training organizations, certification and licensing bodies, the U.S. Navy, 22 states and regions, and a growing number of vendors and developers.

Previously, she served as the Associate Director for the Southern Illinois University Center for Workforce Development, where she not only led the technical design and development efforts for the Credential Engine technologies but also was among the original team responsible for transforming the Credential Transparency Initiative pilot project into the current organization. In her 20+ years with SIU she had led technical and program development teams for numerous workforce development programs for the State of Illinois and more recently for national programs including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s T3 Innovation Network.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

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