Jaylen Martin

Professional Athlete-Collegiate Student

Overtime Elite

Jaylen Martin is a trailblazing Professional Basketball Player for Overtime Elite, a first of it's kind basketball league focusing on education, empowerment and economic development as an intentional disruptor to the sports and media ecosystem. Jaylen was one of the first 30 players in the country to forego his amateurism and turn pro at the age of 17, joining an innovative movement that empowered athletes and families in the United States. Jaylen graduated from Overtime Elite Academy (previously attending Florida High in Tallahassee, Florida) in 2022 as the Valedictorian. He currently is in his "draft eligible" year focusing on his craft of continuing his career in basketball while becoming the first OTE player to enroll at Morehouse College. Jaylen's interest off the court range from robotics, engineering and business.