Jared Chung

Executive Director


Jared Chung has been at the forefront of technology and social impact for over a decade. As the Founder and Executive Director of CareerVillage.org, Jared has led technology platforms that have engaged over 7M online learners and has earned innovation awards from Lumina Foundation, Points of Light, New Schools Venture Fund, Zendesk Foundation, and more. Having recognized early on that technology could either be a bridge or a barrier, Jared has been dedicated to ensuring that technology, and more recently AI and Machine Learning, would close opportunity gaps rather than widen them.With a keen understanding of the power that technology holds, Jared has led groundbreaking initiatives that foster accessibility and equal opportunity, translating cutting-edge research into actionable, scalable solutions. A sought-after speaker, visionary thinker, and an inspiring mentor, Jared continues to shape a future where technology serves as a force for good, creating a world where opportunities are within everyone's reach.