Jaqlyn Baldwin

Executive Director


Jaqi Baldwin was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  She is an advocate committed to ensuring that systems and programs are respectfully and authentically meeting the needs of young people in her hometown.  Jaqi has two and Masters’ degrees from New Mexico Highlands University, one in Clinical Social Work and the other in Government & Not-for-Profit Business Administration.  Jaqi also has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of New Mexico. She has dedicated the past ten years to working with and for young people in the Albuquerque community in the areas of education reform, protective services social work and community and mental health intervention and prevention work.

As the Executive Director, Jaqi Baldwin views Siembra Leadership High School as a form of social justice, striving to provide the best educational model to young people that deserve it most.  Ms. Baldwin is excited about Siembra students being the youth component of economic development in the City of Albuquerque and Siembra being the only entrepreneurship focused high school in New Mexico.  Along with community partnerships, Jaqi is leading Siembra as serving the community in building out an economic development and entrepreneurial ecosystem for underinvested communities. Jaqi is committed to the convergence of community engagement, student support and project-based learning as the model that truly meets students where they are.  Ms. Baldwin feels passionately about leading a team in building a school that offers education options and opportunities to our most precious resource – young people.

Jaqi is a Deeper Learning Equity Fellow.  Through this national fellowship, Siembra is part of a network of education leaders across the nation demanding equity work in schools.  Jaqi has been an Adjunct Professor at New Mexico Highlands University Facundo Valdez School of Social Work for the past seven years. Ms. Baldwin is happy to be a part of these learning and leadership communities that foster practices to best serve students while investing in community.