Jaime Martinez



Jaime is a visionary leader in education, with a dynamic background that spans finance, marketing, and teaching. His transformative journey began with Teach for America, where he was exposed to the critical needs and opportunities within the educational sector. With a decade of experience in various educational roles—including as a teacher, Marketing Director, and School Leader—Jaime's multifaceted career is underpinned by his Master's in Education and foundational expertise in finance and marketing. Driven by the disparities he observed in the classroom and the challenges of meeting individual student needs, Jaime developed a keen understanding of "enrollment economics" and the delicate balance between school funding and educational outcomes. This insight led him to establish Schola, an innovative platform designed to address these challenges head-on. Schola embodies the principles of best fit, aiming to assist parents in finding the ideal PK-12 schools for their children, while simultaneously equipping schools with effective marketing and recruitment tools. This approach not only promotes educational alignment but also ensures that resources are maximized within the classroom setting. Jaime's work with Schola reflects his deep commitment to creating equitable educational opportunities and his belief in the power of alignment between students' needs and educational environments.