Holly Custard

Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships

Strada Education Foundation

Holly Custard is Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships at Strada Education Foundation, where she engages with stakeholders to raise awareness and inspire action through Strada research, philanthropy, innovation, and thought leadership. Her work focuses on fostering the development of infrastructure that supports robust, connected and purposeful learning and career outcomes. Custard has worked across non-profit, public and corporate sectors throughout K-20 education for more than 20 years. Before joining Strada, she led a team of academic strategists as head of academics at Pearson, driving innovations in online program and learning experience design for higher education. She also served as associate director of digital content at the University of Texas at Austin, as a product and solutions specialist at Pearson, and as the education program director for PBS stations in Texas. She earned a B.A. in international relations, an M.A. in bicultural/bilingual studies, and an M.A. and Ph.D. studying social impact, education, technology and communications from the University of Texas Austin.