Harriet Seitler

Harriet Seitler

Chief Brand Officer, Executive Vice President

Cours Hero

Harriet Seitler is Executive Vice President and Chief Brand Officer, working to deliver on Course Hero’s mission to help every student graduate confident and prepared - by shaping and deepening Course Hero as a trusted learning platform for both students and educators.

Before joining Course Hero, Harriet spent 25 years leading marketing, brand, development, and partnerships for Oprah Winfrey. She was an Emmy Award-winning CMO for OWN and for Harpo Studios, where she helped build Oprah’s legacy as one of the most trusted brands in the world. She led key programs like Oprah’s Australian Adventure and wrote the iconic line “Live Your Best Life.” She pioneered Oprah’s podcast, e-learning, and live event businesses, as well as Oprah’s digital and social media platforms.

Prior to Harpo, Seitler served in senior marketing roles for both MTV and ESPN.

Harriet serves on the boards of Leap Innovations, a leader in personalized learning, and Whalar, a leading creator-influencer marketing company She is also a principal in Bistro Partners, an angel investor in the transformational marketing, digital, and management spaces.

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