Gabriella Waters

Director of Operations, Director - Cognitive and Neurodiversity AI Lab

Center for Equitable AI & Machine Learning Systems

Gabriella Waters is an artificial intelligence and machine learning researcher and the Director of Operations at the Center for Equitable AI & Machine Learning Systems at Morgan State University in Baltimore, MD. She is the director of the Cognitive & Neurodiversity AI (CoNA) Lab, a professor at the Propel Center, where she facilitates the Culturally Relevant AI/ML Systems course, and a research associate at NIST where she leads AI testing and evaluation across three teams.She is passionate about increasing the diversity of thought around technology and focuses on interdisciplinary collaborations to drive innovation, equity, explainability, transparency, and ethics in the development and application of AI tools. In her research, Gabriella is interested in studying the intersections between human neurobiology & learning, quantifying ethics & equity in AI/ML systems, neuro-symbolic architectures, and intelligent systems that make use of those foundations for improved human-computer synergy. She develops technology innovations, with an emphasis on support for neurodiverse populations.