Frith Maier

CEO & Founder


Frith is Founder & CEO of NEI, the language upskilling platform that uses machine learning to create individual curriculum customized to the needs of professionals who work in a second language. NEI serves both individuals and enterprise clients, including many pharmaceutical companies, as well as major corporations in IT and banking. Originally established as the Native English Institute, NEI’s programs evolved to encompass soft skills in addition to language training. The NEI Method is highly effective at empowering adults to work in a second language by focusing their training on content relevant to their industry, their specific job function, and their personal interests. NEI uses a hybrid approach to deliver its software solution through a team of teachers based all over the world. Leading a business that pushes the envelope of generative AI for language learning personalization is Frith’s dream job. Raised monolingual in Alaska, she promised in her journal at age eleven that she would learn another language before she was 25. Instead, she learned three other languages by 24, and pursued a career path that allowed her to travel the world. Currently, she works primarily in Kobe, Japan, and uses Japanese and Russian daily with her team and clients. She enjoys mentoring young entrepreneurs and is excited to be part of the shifts taking place in Japan’s workforce–more opportunities for women, more global perspective.