Freada Kapor Klein


Kapor Capital

Freada Kapor Klein is an entrepreneur, activist, investor and pioneer in the field of organizational culture and diversity.As a Founding Partner at Kapor Capital, Freada invests in seed-stage tech startups that close gaps of access, opportunity, or outcome for low-income communities and communities of color. She is the founder of SMASH, now in its 20th year, providing rigorous STEM education for low-income high school students of color. SMASH Scholars graduate college in STEM at more than 2x the national average for all students.In 1976, she co-founded the Alliance Against Sexual Coercion, the first organization to address sexual harassment. She holds a Ph.D. in Social Policy & Research, having conducted numerous landmark surveys of perceptions and experiences of bias, harassment, and disrespectful treatment in workplaces. Freada is a member of the Obama Foundation Tech Policy Council, the U.C. Berkeley Chancellor’s Board of Visitors, & the council that formed the Hollywood Commission chaired by Anita Hill. She serves on the advisory boards of, Generation Investment Management, and Trident; She is a board observer at Aclima.Freada and her husband, Mitch Kapor, are co-authors of the 2023 book Closing the Equity Gap, which identifies how to create wealth while simultaneously addressing the inequalities in startup investing. She is also the author of Giving Notice, which details the human and financial cost of hidden bias in the workplace.