Fernande Raine


The History Co:Lab

Fernande Raine is a social entrepreneur and founder of The History Co:Lab. The History Co:Lab is an accelerator of innovation in the field of history and the humanities, working to strengthen democracy by ensuring that all young people grow up having inspired learning experiences in history so they can develop their full capacity as humans and civic participants. The Co:Lab builds local community partnerships to co-create and deliver such learning experiences, and has worked in Kansas City, NYC, Boston and in 6 European countries. With a focus on achieving systems-change, the Co:Lab pursues scale by weaving alliances that move levers to influence the larger context of how learning is delivered and measured. In partnership with the Smithsonian, the Co:Lab manages a network of >200 museums that advance the Educating for American Democracy project. With a strong belief in the power of youth voice and intergenerational dialogue to shape the future of education, the team incubated and produces the award-winning teen-led youth podcast UnTextbooked. Fernande has a PhD in history from Yale, started her career as a strategy consultant at McKinsey and Co. and spent 15 years with Ashoka launching programs around systems-change and growing the institution around the globe. She received several awards, but more importantly has four daughters and a passion for hiking and music.