Fadl Al Tarzi

CEO & Founder

Nexford University

Fadl and Nexford are on a mission to solve the world's biggest challenge: education. As a next-generation university, Nexford is set to positively impact millions of lives globally.

Nexford’s two core principles are:
• A lack of education is the root cause of most global challenges; and
• People should be able to access economic opportunities, irrespective of physical location

Nexford is partnered with Microsoft, IBM and LinkedIn – who provide tools, courses and programmes to enrich the learning experience. Nexford also uses machine learning and AI to create a data and skills-driven curriculum designed to match employers’ needs.

Fadl became an entrepreneur at 18, and has 20 years’ experience founding digital marketing and technology businesses. He founded and managed the MENA region's leading digital engagement agency - its clients included: Fortune 500s, US State Department, International and government organizations.