Emily Coady

Director of Program Development & Improvement

Gwinnett County Public Schools

My career in education started as a 2010 Teach For America corps member, co-founding TFA-Louisiana Delta as part of the organization's expansion initiated by "Race to the Top." I taught 5th grade, coached soccer, ran a community beautification commission, and interned at the Louisiana Department of Education. I went on to serve as the region's director, leading vision and strategy, crafting our professional learning continuum, and developing our internal impact model. I hold a BS in International Relations from Seton Hall University and a PhD in Education Policy from the Department of Education Reform at the University of Arkansas. Currently, I lead program innovation and strategy for Gwinnett County Public Schools. My role includes new school design, charter school authorization, constructing and overseeing program implementation cycles, and stakeholder coalition development. It is a privilege that my work lends itself to supporting the district's pioneering AI-Future Readiness work. I truly believe that our approach is the next phase of education reform. Before joining GCPS, I worked in instructional design, policy research, and strategy setting in rural communities in Mississippi, Arkansas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, and Andhra Pradesh, India.