Dr. Marisha Speights

Assistant Professor

Northwestern University

Dr. Marisha Speights stands as a beacon of transformative innovation at the intersection of education, speech pathology, and AI technology. As the visionary leader of the Pediatric Speech Technologies and Acoustics Research Lab at Northwestern University, she is redefining the future of early childhood assessment within the field of communication sciences and disorders. Dr. Speights, an expert speech scientist and speech pathologist, is pioneering the development of equitable assessment tools that aim to unlock the fullest communication potential of young learners. Her dedication to justice and inclusivity in educational assessments is reshaping the landscape of speech pathology and setting new standards for educational equity. Dr. Speights' approach, characterized by a seamless integration of speech science, technology, and advocacy, is not only redefining the boundaries of her field but also championing a more inclusive and just future in education. Her work serves as a powerful testament to the impact of innovation fueled by a deep commitment to every learner's success, making her an indispensable voice in the discourse on the future of educational technology.