Dotan Tamir

Co-Founder & CEO


Dotan Tamir is the co-founder and CEO of Clickto - the platform that turns live group-based courses into thriving online brands.

As a serial entrepreneur in the EdTech space,  Dotan has founded BIG IDEA, a pioneer firm in non-formal STEM education in Israel and abroad, with programs varying from summer camps to online classes for kids with special needs.

Tamir has served in an elite technology team of the IDF intelligence corps, and has been actively engaged with the startup nation eco-system since then, for the past 20 years.

Tamir is an expert at building transformative educational experiences and at launching innovative ventures and partnerships.
Founded in 2020, Clickto has quickly answered the rising need of small to medium educational businesses for boosting their online offering, giving them a one-stop shop for managing, monetizing, and delivering state-of-the-art group-based courses.