Diane Greene


Diane is a Director of SAP and Stripe and a lifetime member of the MIT Corp. From 2012 - 2019, Diane was at Alphabet, initially as a board member and then, in 2015, also as a full-time Google employee. Diane established and built out the enterprise Cloud business, which had an $8B+ run rate in July 2019. Diane co-founded and was CEO of three companies; VXtreme, bought by Microsoft, VMware, which she ran for 11 years and took public to a $19B valuation in 2007, and Bebop, acquired by Google. Before that, Diane worked at SGI, Tandem, and Sybase, as a Naval Architect at Earl & Wright Engineers, and as VP Eng. at Windsurfing Int. Diane served on the board of VMware 1998 - 2008, Intuit 2006 - 2017, Google/Alphabet 2012 - June 2019, and Khan Academy 2012 - 2016.Diane has an M.S. in CS from UC, Berkeley, an M.S. in naval architecture from MIT, a B.S. in ME and an Honorary Sc.D from the U of Vt. Diane is a member of the NAE and won the 1976 Women's Dinghy Nationals.