David Moldoff



Mr. Moldoff is the Chair of the Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council and the CEO of AcademyOne, a firm that focuses on prior learning assessment and recognition. Student mobility and academic credit portability are two sides of the same coin, stimulating the need for educational providers to have digital access across disparate data systems.Early in Mr. Moldoff’s career, he worked in EdTech across K12, Higher Education, Career and Technical Education, Labor, and Talent Development, supplying proprietary integrated student information systems. He expanded to best-in-class applications supporting learning management and assessment. He then moved on to multi-institutional platforms leveraging shared applications such as the Academic GPS, Transfer Check, and Guided Pathways. Mr. Moldoff is one of the foremost experts working across boundaries, varied practices, and the competing interests inhibiting a plug-and-play education/workforce market.Mr. Moldoff focuses on how today's contemporary lifelong learners interact with educational providers throughout their entire learning journey, from researching and enrolling to completing their studies and beyond. His work spans across Canada, Australia, and the EU. He played a key role in initiatives such as the Rome Student Group (RS3G), Open Enterprise Application Integration Foundation (OPENEAI), and as a signatory supporting the Groningen Declaration.He is an active blogger, speaker and advocate for education and talent development solutions addressing the disruptive market forces.