David Blake

CEO & Founder


David Blake has spent his career innovating in lifelong learning-both corporate training and higher education. He is on a mission to future proof our workforce and companies, help the world speak the language of skills instead of college degrees, and use learning and skills to enable everyone to fulfill their personal missions. He is the world's foremost expert on the future of credentials and skills. David is the co-founder and CEO of Degreed. Millions of individuals and hundreds of organizations use Degreed’s platform to discover and answer for all of their learning and skills. Clients include many of the Fortune 1000 and global equivalents: from Boeing and NASA JPL, General Mills & Unilever, CITI and Bank of America, VISA and MasterCard, eBay and Airbnb, to Cisco and Intel. Degreed enables its clients, for the first time ever, to organize all the skills required for every job, all of the learning resources to develop each skill, and to measure and certify the skills of every employee. Degreed does this in a universal way while giving employees ownership of their skill profiles—enabling a model of lifelong learning where every company in the network has a common language for skills and learning and the employees' record of skills travel with them to their next job. Prior to Degreed, he helped launched a competency-based, accredited university and was a founding team member of university-admissions startup Zinch (acquired by NASDQ: CHGG).