Dashiell Young-Saver


Skew The Script

Several years ago, while teaching at a Title 1 high school in San Antonio, Dash realized his AP Stats class was irrelevant. So, he asked his students what they wanted to learn about. Soon, he and his students started exploring datasets related to policing and race, food deserts, the Spurs’s chance at winning the NBA title, immigration, and much more. That year, more students at the school passed the AP Stats exam than in the previous 16 years combined. Dash subsequently shared his lessons online and launched Skew The Script - a nonprofit that provides teachers with free, socially relevant math curriculum.

In addition to teaching high school and writing curriculum for Skew The Script, Dash also writes relevant math lessons for the New York Times Learning Network. He is currently finishing up a masters in Data Science from Harvard (degree expected December, 2021).