Daniel Nivern

Founder & CEO

Virtual Internships

Daniel is the Co-Founder & CEO of Virtual Internships, an ed-tech company that runs online internship programs that bridge the gap between education and industry and help learners from all backgrounds to gain global work experience. Virtual Internships was listed as one of Holon IQ’s Top 100 EdTech startups in 2023 and was named the 20th best remote company to work for in the world in the same year. Through partnerships with over 200 institutions worldwide including ASU, Purdue, Botho University, 2U and Kaplan, Virtual Internships supports thousands of students each year to undertake remote internships. The company is backed by investors in the USA, Asia and Europe, including the world’s leading VCs, Sequoia Capital and 500 Global.A graduate from Oxford University with a Masters in International Management, Daniel has been featured on CNBC, BBC News and Bloomberg for his work in developing global employability programs. He is also the founder of CRCC Asia, a company that has helped over 10,000 students to complete internships in Asia.